Every company needs good media spokespeople to maintain its reputation. Having professionally trained spokespeople can make the difference between a good reputation and a bad one.

Our approach is based entirely on experience and knowing what works and what doesn’t. Whether you want to grow your public profile or if you just want to make sure your key staff are prepared when the media comes knocking Ikin Media has real world experience and corporate expertise to help you.

We work with experienced news camera operators to put our trainees in the most realistic media situation possible. Working with individuals or small groups our training packages cover a number of important areas. We can include as many of these elements as you need in your training package.

Understanding the Media

We like our clients to see every request from a journalist as an opportunity, regardless of the circumstances. This part of the training allows you to make the most of our trainers’ experience. This will give you an insight into the media and it’s ways including how to approach journalists and what to do when you’ve been contacted.

The main aim of every media opportunity is to deliver a key message to a target audience. Developing your messages and staying “on message” is of upmost importance. This module contains valuable techniques to help you use the an interview with a journalist as a medium to deliver your message.

Crisis Management

A strong and consistent media presence during a crisis is essential. This aspect of our training will give you the skills you need to manage the media while your organisations manages the crisis.
Facing the Pack

Facing a large pack of journalists including camera operators and photographers is daunting, even for the most experienced spokesman. We can put you on the spot and create the best possible simulation so you’ll have an idea of what to expect.

Staying Sharp

If you have experience with media training and/or dealing with the media but you want to sharpen your skills or freshen up since the last training, this module is for you.